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Very Slow, Very Easy, Very Good Pulled Pork BBQ

Updated: Mar 29, 2022

I know I said I won't bore y'all with stories, but this one is what lead to the recipe. I forgot about the pork. I started smoking this thing at 7:00 last night and forgot about it until 7:00 this morning. I thought it was ruined. It looked ruined and felt ruined. I decided to wrap it up and keep cooking it and it became the best pulled pork I've ever had. Here's the recipe:


  • Pork Shoulder

  • Mustard

  • Pork Rub (see photos, anything that you like the taste of should work)

  • Plastic Wrap

  • Cherry Coke

  • Disposable Foil Roasting Pan

  • BBQ Sauce

  • Heavy Duty Aluminum Foil

  • A smoker


I say this is a very slow recipe because I started preparing this on a Saturday morning and it was ready by lunch on Sunday.

  1. The morning of the day before you plan on eating this, brush the Pork Shoulder all over with any Yellow Mustard. Then, coat it generously with your Rub.

  2. Wrap the Pork tightly with Plastic Wrap and put it in the fridge for at least 6 hours.

  3. After at least 6 hours, take the pork out of the fridge and let it come to room temperature.

  4. Set your Smoker going to 230°F.

  5. Fill the water tray with Cherry Coke.

  6. Once the smoker is hot and smoking, unwrap your pork and place it in the smoker. ( I put mine in at 7:00PM)

  7. Now, go have some fun with your neighbors and completely forget about the pork. Fall asleep on the couch. When your wife asks you if you've taken care of the pork at 2:00AM, lie to her and tell her you did and fall back asleep.

  8. At 7:00 AM (or twelve hours later), wake up, freak out, and run out to the patio to see if you destroyed the BBQ. Open the smoker. Touch the meat. Taste a piece. It's going to be dry and you're going to be sad.

  9. Out of desperation and will, put the pork in the Aluminum Roasting Pan, pour some cheap BBQ Sauce on it, wrap it tightly with Aluminum Foil, and put it back in the hot smoker.

  10. At noon ( 5 hours later), take it out and let it rest for 10 minutes without opening the foil.

  11. Open it. It's freaking amazing.

  12. Gloat.

  13. Make a Facebook post about it.

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